Independent investigation into the activities
of Jimmy Savile at Leeds Hospitals



The investigation is called Speaking Out (Leeds) because we want to give everybody
who may have any information at all which might assist the investigation the
opportunity to have their say. In some cases this means having their experience
acknowledged and investigated, in some cases it will provide people who witnessed
events or have information about the allegations to come forward. We recognise that
many people have felt unable to speak out and be heard until now.

This Investigation will be undertaken alongside inquiries by other NHS organisations
and the Department of Health. The Speaking Out (Leeds) Investigation is being
independently overseen by a former barrister, Kate Lampard, on behalf of
the Department of Health to ensure that it is robust and any lessons for the NHS can be
shared and acted upon.

The investigation will:

  • ensure that vulnerable people who come forward are protected
  • minimise the risk of prejudicing on-going police investigations
  • encourage anyone with information at all to come forward
  • establish what happened and what may need to be done as a result

For both the Investigation team and the Local Oversight Panel use the following links
to see the Team Members and the Terms of Reference


The Speaking Out (Leeds) Investigation has been established by Leeds Teaching
Hospitals NHS Trust to investigate the very serious allegations made against Jimmy Savile by patients and staff at Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s University Hospital over many years. Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s were managed as completely separate
hospitals until 1998 when a number of NHS facilities were merged to become Leeds
Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. It is now the responsibility of this Trust to commission
an investigation into the circumstances of these very serious allegations and establish as much clarity as possible. The investigation will consider the role that Jimmy Savile played, particularly at
Leeds General Infirmary where he was well known as a charity fundraiser over many
years. It will examine whether this position allowed him access and privileges that
enabled him to engage in sometimes inappropriate and criminal activities that need to be the subject of investigation. This investigation will also seek to gather evidence to reassure the public, patients
and staff that Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust policies and
procedures are fit for purpose, and give assurance that nothing like this could
happen again. Any gaps in safeguarding identified by the investigation will be
presented to the Trust as recommendations for immediate action.






Chair Sue Proctor (Independent)

Professor Sue Proctor is Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds. Until 2010 she had worked in the NHS for over 25 years in a variety of nursing, midwifery and management posts, culminating in the position of Chief Nurse/ Director of Patient Care & Partnerships for NHS Yorkshire and Humber. In this position she had responsibility for clinical governance, professional standards and commissioning independent enquiries into serious adverse incidents of care delivery and overseeing the implementation of their recommendations. An experienced Board Director, she is also a member of the Council of Leeds University and a Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Director of Investigations Ray Galloway (Independent)

Ray retired from the police service in January 2013, having served as a Senior Investigating Officer with both Merseyside Police and North Yorkshire Police, during a career that spanned 30 years and included a wide variety of investigative roles.

Ray has extensive experience of dealing with major investigations, including serious and organised crime and sensitive investigations in healthcare settings. He was also a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers National Rape Working Group which identified and embraced best practice in terms of investigating sexual offences.

Senior Investigation Advisor Claire Jones (Independent)

Claire has worked in the NHS for 29 years. She has a range of nursing experience, plus a range of managerial positions working within the NHS at local, regional and national level.
Claire has worked as a National Associate Director for the NHS Modernisation Agency, Head of Urgent care for West Yorkshire and more recently as Deputy Director of Performance at North of England Strategic Health Authority.

Senior Investigation Advisor David Thompson (Independent)

David is currently the Deputy Chief Nurse for the North of England. He is a senior nursing professional with 37 years of experience in the NHS working for the past 15 years at a strategic level. Previous to this he worked in a number of acute hospitals in Yorkshire. David is RGN, BSC (Hons) Nursing and holds an MBA.

Director of Governance Rebecca Chaloner (Independent)

Rebecca has a public sector career spanning more than two decades, working nationally, regionally and locally. She has a wealth of experience having held a number of senior national positions in the health sector. Rebecca has been a senior civil servant at the Department of Health since 2008.

An experienced change management practitioner, Rebecca’s appointments span a range of national programmes, including NHS Direct, the Department of Health’s social enterprise unit, leading the national White Paper consultation on Choice, and the establishment of the NHS Commissioning Board.

Programme Manager and Trust Contact Sharon Scott (LTHT)

Sharon has had a variety of roles within NHS (both acute and primary care) in excess of 18 years. Following a career in NHS Litigation and later a senior position in NHS Complaints Management and Emergency Planning, Sharon was appointed as Resilience Manager for Leeds Teaching Hospitals in 2008 with responsibility for leading, on behalf of the Chief Executive, the organisation’s Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity planning and response agenda. Whilst not part of the core investigation team, Sharon plays an important role liaising between the team and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Administration Support Laine Matsen and Rebecca Hawkins (LTHT)

Chair Caroline Johnstone (Non Executive Director Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Board)
Suzanne Hinchliffe (Chief Nurse))

External Representatives Roger Gair (Registrar - University of Leeds)
Dr Paul Kingston (Chair Leeds Adults Safeguarding Board)
Jane Held (Chair Leeds Childrens Safeguarding Board)
David Firth (Capsticks)
Joy Fisher (Leeds LINKs)
Fiona Richards (Senior Regional Representative NSPCC)
Prof. Sue Proctor (Lead Investigator - Independent)
Diane Pae (Victim Support)
Other representatives may also be invited to contribute in conjunction with relevant issues emerging from the investigation.
Members of the JS Investigation Team will be in attendance - Ray Galloway (Director of Investigations - Independent); Claire Jones (Senior Investigation Advisor);
David Thompson (Senior Investigation Advisor); Sharon Scott (Programme manager - LTHT), Rebecca Chaloner (Director of Governance)



asdf       To receive monthly progress briefings on the progress of the Leeds investigation and also high level briefings on the other NHS/DH investigations       To provide oversight and assurance to the Trust Board and National Oversight Team in relation to the scope, pace and comprehensiveness of the Leeds investigation.       To understand and monitor the risks (reputational and financial) associated with the running of the investigation, and associated with emerging issues arising from the investigation.       To provide a reference point for the progress of the implementation of internal audit reports concerning matters related to the investigation and their impact on current service assurance, governance, policies and behaviours.       To communicate at least bi-monthly to the Trust Board through its confidential meetings processes.       To initiate actions on matters arising from the investigation deemed to required urgent attention and to advise the Board and National Oversight Team accordingly.       To monitor expenditure related to the investigation through quarterly financial reports.       To advise the Investigation team on practical or detailed implementation matters concerning recommendations arising from the investigation

asdf       To carry out the investigation in private in accordance with the agreed Terms of Reference (Appx 1);       To ensure that the discovery work is clear, robust and proportionate to the allegations/concerns raised;       To keep full, contemporaneous and coherent records of all contacts, decisions made and actions;       To gather evidence to support the investigation including statements from staff, interviews with victims, witnesses and other key individuals, and examination of relevant documentation concerning allegations and previous policies and practices;       To use the relevant evidence to formulate conclusions and recommendations during the production of the final investigation report;       To ensure the proper treatment of those who give evidence to the investigation, as set out in victim/witness/staff protocols;       To provide assurance and evidence of progress to the Local Oversight Panel and National Oversight Team on a monthly basis;       To work closely with the National Oversight Team throughout the course of the investigation;       To carry out the investigation in private in accordance with the agreed Terms of Reference (Appx 1);       To co–ordinate and maintain effective links with the investigations teams in the other NHS Trusts involved in this work;       To co–ordinate and maintain effective links with relevant external bodies including the Local Safeguarding Boards for both Adults and Children;       To work with the Metropolitan Police and local police force in accordance with agreed protocols.



asdf The Investigation Team will meet fortnightly. Towards the end of the investigation, there may be a requirement for additional meetings.

Members will communicate daily or more frequently.

Notice of meeting dates for the rest of the year will be circulated, and will include the potential for additional concluding meetings.

asdf The Local Oversight Panel will meet monthly. Towards the end of the investigation, there may be a requirement for additional meetings.

Notice of meeting dates for the rest of the year will be circulated with the agenda of the first meeting, and will include the potential for additional concluding meetings.

Agendas and papers will be circulated at least 5 working days in advance of meetings.

The quorum for the panel will be 50% attendance of members.



asdf The minutes of the meetings will be recorded and circulated for approval at the next subsequent meeting.

They will also be shared with the Local Oversight Panel.

asdf The minutes of the meetings will be recorded and circulated for approval at the next subsequent meeting.

They will also be shared with the Trust Board in its confidential session, and with the National Oversight Team.


asdf During February the investigation team will be raising awareness about its work, looking for people to come forward who may be able to help us all understand what happened.

Between March and September the investigation team will progress with their enquiries in private and in confidence.

This website will be updated with general information but the Investigation will not be releasing detailed information on its findings until it has made its formal report.

The Trust Board will receive regular progress reports from the Investigation Team. The lead investigator will produce a written report which identifies any lessons to be learned and makes recommendations for improving systems and policies.

The report and any action plan flowing from the report’s findings will be received and approved by the Trust Board before being presented to the national independent oversight team and finally the Secretary of State for Health.

The final investigation report will be published, as requested by the Secretary of State for Health.

The Metropolitan Police has identified further information about Jimmy Savile that relates to the current NHS investigations. It is essential that this additional material is considered. This means that the timetable will be affected. The final reports of all the NHS investigations into Jimmy Savile, including the investigation at Leeds, will now aim to be completed by June 2014, with publication sooner if that is possible.


We understand that in many cases, it will not be easy to come forward but the Investigation needs your help. If you have information as a patient, visitor, current or former member of staff, relative, or charity worker, we urge you to speak with us.
Please do help us if you can.

We would very much like to hear from you if you:

  •     were the subject of inappropriate conduct by Jimmy Savile at Leeds General Infirmary or elsewhere in the NHS in Leeds
  •     knew of or suspected inappropriate conduct by Jimmy Savile at Leeds General Infirmary or elsewhere in the NHS in Leeds
  •     raised concerns about Jimmy Savile’s conduct with a member of staff, patient or any other person at Leeds General Infirmary (whether formally or informally)
  •     If you have any information whatsoever that may assist our investigation

If you would like to speak to us, please use the contact details below:


0113 206 7274


We recognise the sensitive nature of the information we are seeking and are aware that it may not be easy to come forward. If you would like further support relating to the issues involved you may wish to contact one of the following:


Association for People
Abused in Childhood

Free confidential support
line: 0800 085 3330


Free confidential support
line: 0800 800 5000

Victim support

Free confidential support
line: 0113 391 8340


Helpline to provide a safe
place to talk where all
conversations are private:
0845 7 90 90 90

For any media-related enquiry, please contact the Department of Health on 020 7210 5239 or Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust on 0113 206 6244. Further details can be found at or

Independent investigation into the activities
of Jimmy Savile at Leeds Hospitals